Fuji MASON'S & TRUST was founded and registered in 2016.

Since then, we have layed the cornerstone of an NPO & International NGO, and started our mission as a unique Charity, based on what we believe true and effective.

General Information

Organization Profile

  • Organization Name : Fuji MASON'S & TRUST   General, Incorporated Association (NPO, NGO)
  • Since : 27th December 2016
  • Main Office : The SOHO Bldg. 208P, 2-7-4 Aomi, Koutou, Tokyo, Japan, P.C. 135-0064
  • Director General: 1  Executive Directors: 4 Auditor: 1

Main Organizational Purpose

  • Investigation and Research of Human Distresses
  • Domestic and International Human Relief
  • Releasing and Reporting of Humanitarian Issues

  • Positioning appropriate people for Humanitarian Issues
  • Transfer and placement of goods and products for Humanitarian Issues
  • Donation and Investment to entities and individuals who support Humanitarian Issues
  • Service production and provision related to Humanitarian Issues 

Budgetary Overview

  • Initial Budget (2016) : 1,500,000.- JPY

  • Required Budged for Anual Running : 4,500,000.- JPY

  • Required Basic Membership : 100 Supporting Members or 10 Governing Members or 3 Governing Organization

Membership Application Launch :
Next Spring (Q2)

Main Bank : Mitsui Sumitomo Bank (Japan)