Newly Born and Implementing the Highest Performance

Fuji MASON'S & TRUST is a Japanese Charitable Organization founded in 2016.

Our action of Relief is based on evidence. Because it is impossible for a single entity to serve fairly and effectively to the most poor and vulnerable all over the world, we know the necessity of evidence based decision, excecuted in every phrase of our activity.

We also Broadcast Information of distressed people to the world public, because we know it is also very hard for a single entity to provide adequate service to mass societies. 

We apply the latest studies and technologies to realize our humanitarian support.

We have initiated a practical and original "Human Distress" research in Myanmar, and Analysis of the L.D.Cs (UN Least Developed Countries) to rank them based on our direction, and also started our business in the field of Documentary Films.

Live View of Actual Activities and Events

Schedule From September 2017


Our Operation

Myanmar village

Three Departments to Make Action

The organization is formed by three active departments. 

  • Investigation & Research Dpt.
  • Supporture Dpt.
  • Production & Information Dpt.

, and a

  • Strategy Management Dpt.

Asian Food

Executing Projects

  • Myanmar Distressed Research and Practical Relief

  • World Distressed Data Project

  • International Security Risk Database (Threats)

  • Japanese Orphanage Survey


Projects to Come

  • Member's Benefit Building

  • World Database System

  • Tanzania Documentary Project