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  • Open "Fair Trade Product's eShop"
  • Give Out World Information Apps
  • Produce Documentary Films

And Many More

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Donors are Informed, and Members are Involved

normal life, adequate life, food, water, warm, cool, dry, comfortable, daily, living

There Is Another World, Another Living, Another Life on this Planet

For Example, Did You Know?
More than 10 percent of the people in this world is Undernourished. Almost half of the children's death under five is caused by Hunger. Hunger and Malnutrition is the Number One risk of health through out the world, which is greater than HIVs, Maria, and Tuberculosis combined.

The United Nation's primary goal is to End the world of Hunger by 2030.

It is one of the seventeen practical goals set by the UN to transform the world to a better place for all, and is called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).   

These goals calls every people to get involved and achieve them all.
The goals are also set to "Build a Better World with No One Left Behind"


You Can Be the One to Observe, Feel, and Start a Sustainable Change

Members of Fuji MASON'S & TRUST can be involved in this World Project aiming to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Membership Benefits

  • Receive the latest "World Development" infos through beautifully visualized Apps, big graphical prints, and high quality videos.
  • Attend workshops and seminars for improving your "international volunteer skills", such as, Security Risk Management, Environmental Care, Language Classes, or Human Supporting Skills.
  • Member Card with multiple credit functions can be used in your daily expenses, which each payment donates to us without your charge.
  • Safe Travel to destinations you have never been, attend our volunteer tourism.
  • Every "Penny" of your Donation to us, will be managed in Independant Accounts and 100% spent for the Actual Distressed.
  • Your digitally managed Account will always be visible through the web. You can check how much you donated and to what your charity was delivered. 

and many more to come.


Coming Soon

There are much to do in this world, and many to come in the future. 

  • Fuji MASONS'S & TRUST uses the latest technologies and studies for its decision making and also its service providing to stakeholders including members. 
  • The members of Fuji MASON'S & TRUST will directly receive these originally researched studies through easy to understand visualized presentation tools. 
  • Volunteer Tourism, operated under professionally secured coordination will be also provided to those who want to experience the field by themselves.
  • Products from developing countries including traditional souvenir, organic goods, and ethnic items inspire our lives. We will provide them in a "fair trade" to make smiles to everyone.
  • True Information from around the world is needed. And thanks for the latest technology of internet, cameras, or smart phones, it has become very easy to do so. All you need to do is, us to make an Action.